Am I seriously considering a HALF MARATHON???

Well, I don’t want to jump ahead of myself or anything but my friend Lindsey and I were throwing around the idea of a half marathon.

A HALF MARATHON???? AM I CRAZY!!???!!! One month ago I couldn’t even run a mile (and I’m still not totally convinced I can) but I am actually considering this.

Seriously? I am considering a half marathon? That’s 13.1 miles. The most I have ran/walked is 5.

We are thinking about the Borgess Run in Kalamazoo, Michigan on May 5, 2013.

Again, a half marathon? Whoa, I need to get my butt  gear.

Since we decided this (last night) I’ve been looking up some training regiments. Of course I come up with 7,345 of them….but don’t know how to pick what is best for the ‘novice’ runner. I am currently completing the Hal Higdon’s 10k novice program – which I have really enjoyed, except for the cross training on Saturdays, I don’t go to a gym so this becomes a bit of an issue for me.

Do you have any suggestions on a program I could benefit from?

I know you’re probably sick of reading this, but I can’t believe I am considering a half marathon. I have NEVER (like, ever) been a runner. I never even liked to run, until recently. I have found it to be peaceful, a chance to bond with my pup, and have found some healthy results. I never thought I would enjoy running. I ache with every run – I ache after every run. But the reality is, I can do it right now – I can run, so why shouldn’t I? A half marathon, dang.

Any tips/thoughts/encouragements would be EXTREMELY helpful!!!

Now we have to get J.S. on board…. hmmmmm………


9 thoughts on “Am I seriously considering a HALF MARATHON???

  1. My friend told me the other day I should consider running a half marathon with him, I’m like are you crazy? Lol, that’s funny that you talked about it too. Keep in mind, I’ve never done any kind of races, but I have improved greatly with running though. My trainer suggested that I do sprints to help improve my stamina and it should help with running longer distances 🙂 I thought that was genius, I never would’ve thought sprints could increase stamina.

    1. I’ve only done a 5k, which is definitely 10 miles less than a half, AH! Good for you for having a trainer to help you, I’m just plugging along on my own, meaning I’m not improving the way I maybe could! I should look into sprints, but I know my body will try to stop me! If you find information on a half, let me know! We could motivate each other! 🙂

  2. Yessssss!!!!! I love everything about this post – everything!!!! We can so do it. I never thought I would want to (like, ever). Buuut I know we can do this!!!!! 🙂

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