Pour me some moscatoooooo…. Wine Wednesday!

Well, technically it’s Thursday….but let’s talk about WINE!

But, I was able to celebrate Wine Wednesday yesterday in true fashion – I had no class, got home from work at a normal time, cooked myself a little dinner, and let the wine flow.

Mike was working late, so I cooked dinner just for me, a weird feeling! He doesn’t like fish all that much, so I baked some tilapia and it was fantastic. I dipped it in egg then switched over to a breading mixture (bread crumbs, parmesean cheese, onion salt, cumin, parsley). Then baked at 375 for 15 minutes. I also baked a potato (with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream) in the microwave and added some cottage cheese – random, I know, but sounded phenomenal!

I worked on some wedding stuff (I know I need to update that page!!!), watching the Tigers not do well, and cuddled up with my pup. Oh yes, and enjoyed some Moscato!

Moscato is a wine that I got introduced to in grad school from my friend, Danielle. We used to drink this frequently and it led to a lot of good times and a lot of great friendships.  The drinking of moscato led to a lot more great times with great people. I’ve chilled in the apartment in Virginia, New Hampshire, and in Albion with good people, drinking moscato and enjoying life.  This wine brings me back to those days.

It’s a sweet, delicious light wine that doesn’t overwhelm you with the sweetness. If you haven’t had moscato, try it out. If you’re a red wino, it probably won’t be the best for you.  If you’re a white wino, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you like pino grigio – not the dry wines.






((I need to learn how to take better pictures…))


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