Quitting is just SO easy!!

This has always been my problem in the past – I workout and do really well and then life happens and I take a few days off and everything just crumbles away….

Well, I’m at that point. Ugh.

I had all the intentions to make Friday (my normal rest day) my “workout in advance” day. Didn’t happen. I made 5 batches of cookies and pumpkin spice puppy chow instead. Then I proceeded to head to my alma mater for the rest of the weekend for homecoming. Which did NOTHING for my diet, weight loss, or workout regime. If I listed all the things I had to eat which are out of the normal, I would probably vomit on my computer (gross, but true).
So here I am at this point, the point I hate being at.  I did a run yesterday to make up for Sunday’s missed workout – proud of myself for that. But when I woke up this morning ready to do, it was 32 degrees and I decided to cuddle on the couch with the pup and have since spent 3+ hours at a local coffee shop doing homework. I know I need to do it, but will I? I need to do it.

How do you keep the motivation? How do you keep pushing forward? I know I feel fantastic when I workout and I have been seeing some great results, but I’m in the middle of week 7 and facing a wall that I am not sure I know how to climb (or do I take the easy way and try to find a new path??)


7 thoughts on “Quitting is just SO easy!!

  1. I like the images on your post! Very motivating. I have days where I get nothing accomplished to. Something I do to stay motivated that never fails is looking at my pinterest board and seeing all of the fit girls with great abs and then I’m like “let’s do this.

    1. It’s amazing what pinterest can do for motivation! I have found myself repeating some of the quotes over and over again in my head when I am running! I don’t know how inspired I get by all those with fantastic abs, but I admire their bodies and the work they (hopefully!!) did to get them!

      I’ve looked around on your blog some – seems like you’re doing well!! I think it’s just really important to remember that there will be bad days and days where we don’t want to do anything, it’s normal. And it’s totally okay to miss a day or two…. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is something I am wanting to work on for the rest of my life and that it’s unrealistic to say I am going to work out 6 days a week for the rest of my life… know what I mean??

      1. Yeah, once you get to see results it’s a great feeling. After I reach my weight loss goal, I still plan on working out consistently just not as much as I do now. I’m putting in lots of time now just cause I need it.

        Pinterest is an amazing tool for motivation. I’m sooooo addicted to it. I make sure to repin whatever I need to stay motivated.

  2. Agreed! Well thanks for stopping by – and good luck with meeting your goals! Can’t wait to watch your blog and see how everything’s going! 🙂

  3. Sometimes you just need a little break – little being the key word. It’s not a bad thing to take a couple of days off. It can actually recharge you and get you excited about exercise again!

    1. Exactly! “Little” has been my problem in the past… I take 2-3 days off and then I’m toast for a while. But so far, so good! It is needed to recharge and I found myself after this weekend wanting to run! Thanks for the advice:)

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