BOOM! Take that PRs!!!

I beat my 5k time. Not only did I beat it, I crushed it. (at least I think so).

At the time I was finishing my 5k, I was at a 9:57 avg/mile pace. I can’t even tell you the last time that I’ve been under 10 minutes.

Then, my mile time came up. Crushed.

My goal for this month was to be within 10 minutes, and I ran a 9:41??? I have NO idea what the difference was!!!

Let me think…. I was sick of Tinsley trying to get on my lap, I didn’t want to do anymore homework, all the laundry was folded, I wanted to try out different shoes, and it was warmer outside than in the house…..

Whatever it was, I don’t care. BUT I DID IT. I got tears in my eyes when that little NikePlus voice told me my times.



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