I’m going to be an aunt!

Well, the news is all over Facebook, so I can share what distracted my run on Sunday….

My brother and my sister in law are expecting A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!

We have known since July that they were expecting, but just yesterday they announced to the family that they will be having a little pink bundle.

They found out last week what the gender is but decided not to find out. Instead, the nurse put it in an envelope and my sister-in-law gave the envelope to a friend who constructed this amazing box. They went to Walden Woods, the location where they got married last year and they had lovey-dovey “pregnancy pictures” taken of them together and then they opened up the box to reveal…. PINK BALLOONS!!!!

Here is a little snapshot from when they first opened the box. Absolutely adorable. There is an entire collection of pictures displaying their love for one another and their excitement for their new addition.

I am going to be an amazing aunt. I can’t wait to spoil that little nugget with lots of orange clothes, baby Toms, a soccer ball, and love.


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