and my FAVORITE beauty product is……..

That’s right! Q-tips ®!

In fact, I am pretty sure in my freakout stage before moving in with Mike, one of the things I had to make sure he was okay with was that I used at least 2 Q-tips ® a day and that I would probably deplete his supply (and he buys everything in bulk). Well, mission accomplished – we will have to pick some more up this week.

You’ve gotta agree with me…. Q-Tips ® are incredible, they can do anything. Not just for cleaning ears that’s for sure! Help remove make-up (mascara especially for me because I am impatient), clean up a messy nail painting, clean between tiles in the kitchen…. WHAT CAN’T THEY DO???

My mom once asked me and a friend if we couldn’t live without one beauty product, what would it be? Her answer, q-tips. I am sure I said something like Lip Smackers, but now I understand and have the same deep rooted appreciation.

Q-tip fun facts:

  • Created in 1923 by founder, Leo Gerstenzang, who witnessed his wife add cotton to the end of a toothpick one too many times!
  • They were originally called Baby Gays in 1926
  • The letter Q stands for “quality” and tips stands for the thicker cotton end of a Q-tip
  • Q-tips are made from PET, environmentally friendly plastic and are biodegradable

Do you agree?

Is there a beauty product you just can’t live without?

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