My favorite random things…

For the third day of my favorite things, I will show off the randoms, or the misfits.

When I first started dating Mike, I know he was impressed that I was a “unique” lady that could be showered and ready to go in less than 30 minutes, and look pretty close to when I spend an hour or more. It’s a gift?

These little gems help make my life a better place and I hope you enjoy these favorite things.

Clean & Clear® astringent, Up&Up® Dual Treatment Moisturizer, Connoisseurs® jewelry cleaner, Crest® Pro-Health mouthwash, vitafusion® MultiVites, Dollar General® Nail Polish Remover, Clear Care® contact solution
  • Clean & Clear® deep cleaning astringent: for the days when you just can’t get your face clean enough. I have a love/hate relationship with the burn that follows the application, but my face feels muchhhhh cleaner afterwards. It’s impossible to not check out the cotton swab after it’s run across your face!
  • Up&Up® Dual-treatment moisturizer: Love this product. I know it’s a knock off (from Target®), but it is phenomenal for my face. I have gone through so many facial moisturizers over the years and I settled on this one when my last was discontinued. I love it. The only down side is that it doesn’t have any SPF additives, so gotta be sure to add some for these pretty little freckles. This has salcyclic acid to help keep the acne down too. Yes, I have always been one of those lucky people too.
  • Connoisseurs® Jewelry Cleaner: Every since I got this pretty little diamond on my left hand, I found myself using this more and more! Makes my ring so incredibly sparkly and clean! Haven’t taken it yet to get it professionally cleaned, but this has done the trick thus far!
  • Crest® Pro Health: I don’t think there is much that beats the feeling of a good floss, teeth brushing, and mouthwash. This is the cheese for me. I am cavity prone (lucky again?) and this makes my mouth and teeth feel so clean – and it truly was dentist recommended!
  • vitafusion® MultiVites: Yes, I am an adult and yes, I do take gummy vitamins. So many pros for this vitamin: made for adults, delicious, doesn’t need to be taken with food (at least not for me), makes my hair and nails strong, and available in bulk! If you don’t take a multi-vitamin, you should and I suggest you look into this!
  • Dollar General® Strengthening Nail Polish Remover: Don’t think there is a whole lot to say here other than I paint my nails and toenails a lot and love the strengthening remover!
  • Clear Care® contact solution: Alright, I’ll admit it. I am not the best at taking my contacts out lightly. (insert scold here) BUT, since I was recommended this product, I am SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT IT. I LOVE this contact solution – it comes with a special little container that causes a reaction with the hydrogen peroxide in the solution and cleans your contacts impeccably. I equate it’s effectiveness and magical abilities to the Mr. Clean®Magic Eraser.

Advice from experience: ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS use this product with the case they give you. The first time I used it, I may have had a glass of wine too many and didn’t bother to read the instructions. I went to put my contacts in the next morning and ended up with 15 minutes of crying and red eyes that made me look like I had bilateral pink eye. Not cute.

I hope you’ve enjoy my favorite randoms. I have one more special post for tomorrow and I can’t wait to reveal what my absolute most favorite beauty product is…… Can you guess???

Do you have a favorite beauty item misfit? I’d love to hear about it!

Keep your head up today and keep smiling because

“it’s a great day to be alive” Dave Egnatuk

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