Just a quick little blurb about the day….

As I concluded my run yesterday I thought that I need to up my mileage some and come up with a plan for running instead of just aimlessly going out and running the same routes.

So today I was determined to complete 5 miles. I’ve completed a little over 4, but never 5. So I went to http://www.mapmyrun.com – the same app I use for when I’m out running – and figured out my path!

I was over zealous. I chose a route that took me (and Tinsley) down a main road. When school was let out. Which led me to LOTS of traffic and wayyyyyy too many stoplights.

Might I also mention that my legs felt like lead and that someone was stabbing a trident through them. But somehow I kept plugging on.

I walked quite a bit – still haven’t gotten to the mental or physical capacity to not walk. It’s mostly mental, I know. I especially walked today cause I was a hurting.

But the best things was when I got back to my house I felt like I could go longer. Well, my lungs and my head told me I could go longer….my legs were trying desperately to shut down and unsuccessfully scream profanities at me.

I ended the session was some amaaaazinngggg ice, nice shower, homework, and a glass of wine.

Can’t beat it and I can’t wait to see what my next run will hold.

Butttt, I think I’ll take tomorrow off running, I’m no fool.

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