How I accidentally made pumpkin cream cheese cookies…

I know what you’re thinking… muffins and cookies? Interesting.

Well, let me just put this out there, I am not a baker. I do not claim to bake well but most of the time things just happen to turn out okay.

So here’s my story, in an effort to jump on every delicious pumpkin bandwagon, I decided to find some pumpkin desserts. I love to bake on Sundays – it helps me avoid cleaning the house, avoid homework, and relax. Every few Sundays Mike works allllll day so I like to find something to fill my time that really isn’t too productive. I guess it’s a comfort thing.

So, I went to the store, bought 5 cans of pumpkin (and a mess of other stuff) and strutted my way on home to make: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. They sounded delicious. I gathered up all my ingredients (no fancy pictures) and got working!

Then, I really read the directions. I was supposed to make the cream cheese mix and let it freeze for 2 hours. I definitely didn’t have the time patience for that. So, I made the concoction and threw it in the freezer, spoon in the bowl and everything.

Then I got working on the dry mix. Didn’t have enough cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie spice. Ah yes, no baking soda either. Somehow, I made it happen. ((I like to just throw things in the bowl when I get frustrated))

I filled my muffin pans with liners and put in the muffin mix. I gracefully added ‘dollops’ of cream cheese in the muffins, definitely not the “slice” as was recommended by the recipe.

Ah yes, did I mention the cream cheese only sat in the freezer for about 15 minutes?

Additionally, did I mention I only have enough muffin liners to make 20 muffins?

And so begins the story of the pumpkin cream cheese/chocolate chip muffins. I’m an inventive genius.

While going about these next few steps all I kept thinking was “If Kim were here she would tell me to add something magical to the mix to make better cookies.” She is such a good baker, I miss her cupcakes. Wine has taken over her baking cupcakes. 😦

Anyways, so I added some chocolate chips because they always make everything better. (Did I mention I accidentally bought the JUMBO ones?)I made little lumps of batter and neatly added the dollop of cream cheese. Annnnd baked.

After a few bouts of 20 minutes, I ended up with a delicious smelling house and the most obscure batch of baking, ever. However, I do think they turned out fabulous and haven’t heard any complaint yet. The mail lady even asked for the recipe 🙂

Moral of the story, I should not be a baker. I would probably be better off crocheting or something for ‘comfort’.

Who am I kidding. I’ll just drink wine.

If you want to make your puppy really happy – add some pumpkin to their food! It helps with their digestive system and they love it! I add some to Tinsley’s just cause, but also to help her eat her food faster when she’s around other dogs because she’s an “all day eater”. Parmesan cheese works well for that too!


One thought on “How I accidentally made pumpkin cream cheese cookies…

  1. I love the end of this post. Just have some wine! 😉 If everyone loves the taste, the appearance doesn’t matter one bit. I wish I had some to taste test.

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