I began this post in order to express my excitement for the new DMB cd (I am sure this will come later) and discuss my workout for the day (insignificant). But my fingers just started typing as I thought about the importance and significance of this day.

It’s amazing to think that 11 years has passed since the infamous day of September 11, 2001. Like many, I can recall exactly where I was (Science class, 10th grade) and what happened for the duration of the day and week.  Just last night, Mike and I were driving back from his class and we were discussing when the media is going to “Drop” covering 9/11 – like when did it happen with Pearl Harbor, when JFK was shot, the Oklahoma City Bombing…. (I realize all of the media outlets were different at these various times) I was intrigued this morning when I turned on the Today show and did not find much media coverage of the events. Still, I have my own personal reflections.

Reflection back on this day makes me think that America isn’t perfect – I feel like so many have had this infallible feeling about our defense system and a sense of superiority to the rest of the world. We were out-smarted, some individuals called our bluff – and it resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. Unfortunately, in order to protect our country, our beliefs (whatever they might be in the midst of an election year), and our rights (again, election year) the loss of life is inevitable.  However, we must never, ever forget the sacrifice made from any individual entering into the military. Everyone enters for their own personal reasons but do so to serve our country. What heroes.

As selfish as it is, when this time of year rolls around, it reminds me of the amount of time I have gone without my dad. My dad suddenly died June 12, 2002 in an accident at work and each 9/11 following 2002 it reminds me that it’s close to just one more year without him. It saddens me greatly, especially because I can’t remember his reaction on this frightful day. My dad was raised by a career Marine and was a Marine himself in Vietnam. He was incredibly proud of this nation and made it well-known. Yet, I can’t remember his reactions. If only I had known, I would have put aside the “I’m 15 and don’t care what you have to say” attitude and listened more. I do know that we have a picture of him and my mom the following Saturday at a high school football game and he was wearing one of his favorite white shirts that said, “You messing with me” on the front, and “You’re messing with the whole family” on the back. Interesting that we bought it for him because he was so family oriented and he ended up using it as a political statement.

As I approach this day and June 12, I am reminded that:

  • Time and life continue moving forward
  • Celebrations of life fade
  • “Moving on” does get easier
  • Your mind and your heart will not forget

I am a firm believer that a death is a loss, but it should be a celebration of life. I feel that concentrating on the negative aspect of loss diminishes the LIFE a person has lived. This mode of thinking has developed over the last 10.5 years, and I couldn’t thank God more for this sense of understanding and sense of peace. I wish this feeling to all of have lost someone close – whether it be 20 years ago, last week, or on 9/11/01.

May we always be reminded that “life is short, but sweet for certain.” DMB


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