I love my Keurig, but…..

I received my Keurig for my birthday this year from my lovely fiance and I am obsessed with it. It’s so convenient and easy for our “on-the-go” lifestyles.

Today I woke up early and knew I needed to make this a productive day as I am not headed into school. Started some laundry, gave the mutt a bath and started my coffee while I gathered a breakfast of cottage cheese/blueberries/kiwi.

I came back to my mug to find thisImage

What in the world do I do with this? Too little to select the little brew, too big to not make a huge mess. Ugh. The challenges I face. I wish there was a function to select the EXACT mug I am using so it fills it up to the exact specifications. Ahhh in a perfect world. 😉

Instead of letting my disappointment and confusion overwhelm me, I took one for the team and let it the way it is. Mmmmmm delicious – Nantucket blend with sugar free french vanilla creamer. 🙂

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