Scary night last night!!!!

I have a few minutes to post before I have to head off to class, but I wanted to share some scary news!

Last night about 2am I heard Tinsley whining and crying a little bit in her cage.  ((She sleeps in her cage in the kitchen every night and seems to love it)) There was NO reason for her to need ‘attention’ as she went bathroom before bed and spent all day at her Grandma D’s running around! 

So, I brushed it off…but she kept going! Mike got up and checked on her ((her tail was wagging, of course)) and took the blanket off thinking she was just hot.

The whining continued. What the heck.

Mike went back and checked on her and apparently her collar got magically stuck on the side of her cage! She was smashed towards the side of the cage and was whining because she couldn’t get free!!! Poor little thing! I felt awful!!!

Yet, her tail didn’t stop wagging and the kisses were endless. Love that little nugget.

We unclipped her collar and let her roam around the house instead of being locked in. Woke up this morning and she was happily sitting back in her cage, tail a wagging.

Moral of the story: Not every bark, whine, whimper, cry means attention, bathroom, food, water.

On another note, I found a sweet office for grad students that I am going to be taking full advantage of. BONUS! Brand new building, brand new space for research.


Had a great mid-day workout today which included: 5 min bike warm up, 30 min elliptical, full body lifting circuit, 20 min walk/run. Felt great afterward, need to keep it up! 🙂

Off to class…. peace and pineapples


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