What does your favorite color mean about you?

Despite the fact that this blog isn’t overwhelmingly orange, it is my favorite color. Some may call it an obsession, I call it a trait.

Examples of how orange fits into my life:

  • In 10th grade I broke my tibia playing soccer and had a thigh length cast that was BRIGHT ORANGE (to which I even had for my father’s funeral. That’s dedication to orange)
  • My bedroom at my mom’s house has a bright orange accent wall
  • My kitchen in my adult apartment had an orange accent wall
  • I proudly wore orange crocs to just about everything in college (our colors are purple and gold)
  • I try hard to fit something orange into just about every present I give anyone
  • Tinsley is the proud owner of 3 orange collars
My desk as I type this.

Again, some may call it an obsession, I call it a trait. Or maybe a gift is a better term.

All of this has a point, I promise.

While meeting with a professor I am going to be working with for the year, he asked me more about myself. I revealed that I love the color orange. He stopped me almost in mid sentence and looked up this website. We sat and went through each of the characteristics of someone who likes the color orange. I think he learned too much about me in one little sitting.

For example, I had him for a class this summer and he was concerned about my lack of participation and that I was very introverted. When we got to the point in the website that discusses orange lovers are extroverts, his response was ‘no way, this doesn’t describe you’

He has so much to learn.

Check out the site and see what your favorite color means about you! It was really interesting and informative 🙂


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