Working for the weekend….

Or, working over the weekend?

This past weekend my mom was in town and we did some work around the house. I started some projects at the beginning of the summer, but then it got WAYYYYY TOOO HOOTTTT to continue on with the projects. We got to them when it cooled down a bit and I wanted to share some of the changes.

They are minor, but they make a huge difference in our house! Mike lived here for 2 years before I moved in and between being a bachelor and working a million hours a week, not a whole lot of outside work got done! Now, it’s obvious that me and the little nugget are living here…there’s a hanging plant on the porch and a rope for her in the back! 🙂



It was A LOT, let me repeat, A LOT of work to move all of those rocks from the front to the back…took forevvverrrrrrr (Sandlot style), but all in all, it’s done!  I didn’t think my hamstrings and butt could hurt so bad from hauling all those little rocks! What a work out!!!! We have some more work that we’d still like to get done, but given our schedules, we are really happy with the work that got done!

Question: Have you done any work around your house this summer?



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