Card time!

I moved in with Mike in June and (besides for a few side jobs) have been unemployed this summer and I am ANXIOUSLY waiting for my school to start next week. [[Remind me in a few weeks that I was sick of free time]].

Since I have been stuck in the house, one can only make SO many trips to Target and Michael’s, I got a head start on some of my cards for the rest of the year….

I started making cards a few years ago and it has become a big stress reliever for me and also lets my creative side seep out.  I don’t claim to be good at it by any means, but I truly enjoy it and I think I come up with some cute cards! I am, by nature, a clearance shopper – I hit up all the craft stores at the end of the season to get my supplies for the following year ((Just spent a good chunk at Michael’s today, but wedding stuff mostly!!)) If you are into crafting, I suggest you really look into being smart about it and getting items after the season on clearance! Saves sooooo much money!

Here’s a little sample of my Halloween cards!


I am a big fan of the single, no fold cards so I tend to use them a lot. In order to personalize them a bit more, I usually add some little quote or picture on the back to make it ‘mine’. But, this is really the first time I have made cards that will be from Mike and I, so I decided to be a little creative…Thoughts? 😉


I also did Thanksgiving cards and some Birthday cards..(Don’t want to post the birthday cards due to my readers, but they turned out SO awesome and I can’t wait to be able to post them!) The Thanksgiving cards aren’t anything too special, but I like being able to let the family/friends know that I am thankful for them when the time comes.

Also, I can’t believe I am talking about Halloween/Thanksgiving….. shouldn’t it just be the 4th of July????



3 thoughts on “Card time!

  1. @rustyblue – thank you! I was really excited when I found them and thought it would be cute! I looked at your blog, awesome stuff! very impressive and inspiring!

    @Kim – we don’t get to spend enough time together for me to teach you to clearance shop….let’s take that into consideration when you’re trying to find a job 🙂 ❤

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