Sunday morning recap

This morning started early – Mike headed back to work today after being on vacation for 2 weeks, we were way too spoiled with the amount of time we got to spend together!!


We spent the first week of vacation at Big Lake Chetac in Wisconsin with Mike’s family, what an amazing time. (No cell phone service either – who would have thought those places still exist!!) We ate more than we should have, drink a little more than we should have, could have done more fishing and kayaking, and spent a ton of time playing cards and yard games. Can’t beat it.

We started off the week by visiting my family in Milwaukee and had a quick trip to the Milwaukee Brewing Company. The next day we stopped off at the Leinenkugel brewery – we love Leinenkugel beer and it was awesome to tour around and sample some free drinks!

Image   Image    Image

Enjoy the beauty of Northern Wisconsin….

Image  Image  Image

Image  Image  Image

This was by far one of the highlights of the trip… Mike and I went kayaking during a windy day and he flipped out of his kayak while turning when a wave was coming at him. We laughed hysterically. We attempted a few times to empty all the water out of his turtled kayak and tried to get him back into the kayak. On the last attempt to have him jump back into the kayak, he reached over and grabbed my kayak and flipped me out of mine. ((Best part was that only his sunglasses were lost!)

With seeing both of us in the water, a fishing boat came out to “rescue us”…. or it was just his uncles coming to take pictures. And they are awesome! The owner of the resort came out on the pontoon to help Mike in and I boldly kayaked my way back to shore while Mike got carted in. This is love. 🙂

Image  Image  Image

Image  Image  Image


Now, we are back to reality. Mike back to work and starting school and I start classes after Labor Day, speaking of – I should probably start on some readings….

Enjoy the day!


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